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Schematic is an easy-to-handle and comfortable CAD-software, developed for different kinds of diagrams.NOTE: please don't use hardware acceleration to prevent incorrect drawing.You can create and edit such graphic objects as:- Point- Line- Polyline (polygone)- Bezier curve- Arc- Ellipse- Rectangle- Custom objects
NOTE: please try FREE demo version (Schematic Demo) before purchase.
Another features available in full version:- Custom object editor- Export / Import custom objects- Rotate custom objects- Export workspace to JPG, PNG, SVG or PDF (beta)- Undo last action
Editing objects performed by interaction with a device touch screen.
How to use:- Single touch - adds an object or vertex / selects the object- Double-tap - unselects the object- Long press - Show context menu of a selected object- Pinch in / pinch out - scales the workspace
How to work with custom objects:
Libraries: by Nikolay PyatnitsynSwitches by Nikolay PyatnitsynTransistors by Nikolay PyatnitsynVacuum tubes by Nikolay PyatnitsynValves for piping, piping accessories' and other by Michael MossPneumatic by Michael MossNote: you can send me your own libraries to be published here.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions:
tags: schematic, diagram, circuit, graphic, CAD, scheme